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Travel for Mental Health

What is travel for mental health?

Travel and exploration of new things, places or cultures can be very beneficial for our mental health in so many ways. 4 Ways according to Lee Health the benefits of travel include:

  1. Travel may do a sleepless mind good

  2. Travel reduces job burnout

  3. Travel can lift your mood

  4. Travel can lower the risk of depression

Something to consider according to the CDC travel can also be harmful due to the travel-related stress, which can spark mood changes, depression and anxiety in some people, so there are recommendations listed on their website. 

With all of this in mind and partnership with Brain Break Travel we offer travel agent services to help get you the brain break you need for your next destination. Let our agents take the stress out of travel, get your travel planned for you, designed with you and be the liaison to make it a pleasurable experience. 


Plus you will be giving back because every trip booked through Brain Break Travel, a portion of the sale will be donated to BCC Evolution's programs.  


Go explore:


Or let us book your travel for you. Fill in this form and we'll do all the rest for you: 





Coming soon...BCC Evolution will be starting a scholarship program to help lower income families to be able to allow their youth experience how travel can have a positive impact on their lives. We will offer custom trips for youth specifically to be a part of.

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